Monday , 22 April 2024


Meet our exceptional team at Akron SCORE. Comprised of talented individuals including John Dalton, Alan Cross, Benjamin Campbell, Nora Birch, and Victor Price, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every project we undertake. Together, we embody a diverse range of skills and expertise to ensure success.

John Dalton is a content writer who works for a website that publishes articles on various niche categories. He has a passion for writing and researching diverse topics, such as technology, health, business, and entertainment. He has written for many blogs and leading companies, delivering high-quality and engaging content.

Victor Price is a professional content writer who has worked for various companies and websites. He has a knack for writing engaging and informative articles on topics ranging from technology, health, and lifestyle, to entertainment. He has rich experience in creating content for different audiences and platforms, such as blogs, magazines, social media, and newsletters.

Alan Cross is a seasoned SEO specialist and accomplished content writer with a wealth of experience in the digital marketing industry. With a passion for helping businesses improve their online visibility, Alan has conducted numerous workshops on a wide range of topics related to SEO, sharing his expertise and insights with eager audiences.

Benjamin Campbell is a versatile content writer with a passion for painting and video editing. Specializing in tech-based articles, he brings a unique perspective to his work, combining his expertise in technology with creativity from his artistic skills. Beyond the tech niche, Benjamin’s writing spans various topics, showcasing his adaptability and broad interests.

Nora Birch is a seasoned writer with over 5 years of experience in the field. She has honed her craft through years of dedicated work, specializing in creating engaging and informative content. Nora’s passion for storytelling shines through in her work, captivating readers with her unique perspective and compelling narratives.